House Sitting

Start Relaxing when you arrive!

So many people have homes in Florida but live and work out of state. Your Florida home is your escape to relaxation, BUT, when you arrive to a dirty and dusty home with a broken AC and no food in the fridge and laundry that when left in the dryer your escape to relaxation goes to days of hard work. Stop the insanity today!

For a low month fee, we will visit your home on scheduled monthly inspections checking all lights, AC, appliance & locks. 

Arriving for your stay, call ahead and have everything prepared for your arrival. A simple resident request online for the dates and time of your arrival and your grocery list (YES GROCERY LIST) and the home will be prepared for you. We know that's crazy insane and we love it. We will have the home cleaned, sheets and towels washed and your groceries in the fridge and pantry. 

Hurricane coming? We will install your Shutters upon your request 

Call us to schedule a consultation - Ronen Tish - 561-568-6841 - 

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